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The immune response to tumors - evolutionary dynamics and mathematical immunology

Le : 14/11/2013 11h00
Par : Alexei Tsygvintsev (ENS de Lyon)
Lieu : I 103
Lien web :
Résumé : The dynamical system theory in combination with experimental medical data can serve to improve our understanding of how the immune system works and fights the cancer. We describe some recent mathematical models which try to explain the complex interaction between tumor cells, immune-effector cells and both immunosuppressive and immunostimulating cytokines. As the base model the Kirschner-Panetta system and its generalizations are considered. The objective of the study is to broaden, through evolutionary dynamics, our understanding of the efficiency of adoptive and IL-2 immunotherapies, tumor oscillations and also shed the light on the phenomena of spontaneous tumor remission. References. [1] A. Tsygvintsev, D. Kirschner, S. Marino, A mathematical model of Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Cancer, in the book "Mathematical Models and Methods in Biomedicine" (eds. U. Ledzewicz, Friedman, E. Kashdan, H. Schaettler), 2012, Springer-Verlag, Berlin [2] D. Kirschner, A. Tsygvintsev, On the global dynamics of a model for tumor immunotherapy, Journal of Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering Volume 6(3), pp 573-583, 2009