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Modelling and analysis of Daphnia energy budget dynamics in response to Deltamethrin food contamination

Le : 18/04/2013 11h00
Par : Baba Issa Camara (LIEBE - Université de Lorraine)
Lieu : I 103
Lien web :
Résumé : The approach of Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) is widely used in ecotoxicology and has shown its predictive effectiveness in toxicity tests. The DEB models describe the allocation of assimilate to the competing processes of growth, reproduction and maintenance in individual organisms. However, these models DEB use of a wide number of parameters so that their estimation by the common methods, requires to fix some of them. This leads to a loss of informations. In this work, we use the Bayesian inference method to estimate simultaneously and to give the probability distributions of all parameters. Our statistical analysis aims to understand how the level of food toxicity affects the accumulation kinetics, the allocation energy and the intrinsic sensitivity of the same individual strain and individuals between different strains. The proposed approach provides a simple and robust tool for the computation of toxicity tests using DEB models.