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Multispecies coalescents

Le : 12/12/2016 11h00
Par : Airam Blancas (CIMAT Guanajuato)
Lieu : i103
Lien web :
Résumé : In this talk I will define and characterize a family of Markov processes with values in the space of nested bivariate partitions of N, called simple nested exchangeable coalescent, for short snec. The motivation to introduce this class of processes arises from molecular biology where genes trees are nested in the species phylogeny, that is, genes lineages are allowed to coalesce while they are in the same branch of the species trees.
Via a Poisson point process an important example is constructed. The necessary and sufficient condition for this nested coalescent to come down from infinity, which means that almost surely the partitions associates with species and genes consists of only finitely many blocks for all t>0.