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Koszul duality patterns for algebras and algebraic structures

Le : 12/02/2007 14h15
Par : Vladimir DOTSENKO (ENS et IMU (Moscou))
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Résumé : This talk is an introduction to Koszul duality for associative algebras and, hopefully, for algebraic structures (operads and so on). The corresponding notions are due to Priddy (1970) for algebras and Gunzburg--Kapranov (1993) for operads (developed later for more complicated algebraic structures by Gan (2002) and Vallette (2004)). According to Beilinson--Ginzburg--Soergel, Koszul algebras should be considered as "graded algebras that are the closest to the semisimple ones". I plan to start with basic definitions and then give some hints on how these theories apply/arise in representation theory, combinatorics and some other branches of mathematics.