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On a class of reciprocal transformations of linear

Le : 04/02/2008 14h00
Par : Giovanni ORTENZI (Universita di Milano-Bicocca)
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Résumé : In the Dubrovin schema of classification of integrable hamiltonian PDEs, the main role is played by the tau structure, a particular property of the conserved quantities. However there is a large class of integrable systems, such as Camassa-Holm (CH), which does not display this structure. A possible way to solve this problem is to enlarge the notion of equivalence of two integrable systems adding, to the Miura maps, the so-called reciprocal transformations (RT). In this seminar we study a particular subclass of RT which seems to be interesting for the CH-type equations. The seminar is based on a work in progress with G. Falqui and A. Hone.