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3D tensor models, some topological and quantum field theoretical aspects

Le : 24/03/2015 14h00
Par : Adrian TANASA (LIPN, Paris 13)
Lieu : I 103
Lien web :
Résumé : Random tensor models, seen as quantum field theoretical (QFT) models, represent a natural generalization of the celebrated matrix models. From this QFT point of view, one of the main results of the study of matrix models is that their perturbative series can be reorganized in powers of 1/N (N being the matrix size). The leading order in this topological expansion is given by planar graphs (which are dual to triangulations of the 2-dimensional sphere S2). In this talk I will present such a 1/N asymptotic expansion for some particular class of 3-dimensional random tensor models (called multi-orientable models). The leading order (and hence the dominant graphs, dual to particular triangulations of the three-dimensional sphere S3), the next-to-leading order and finally some results on the general term of this expansion will be given.