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Rational 2d CFTs, CohFTs and topological recursion.

Le : 14/10/2016 14h00
Par : Gaëtan Borot (MPI)
Lieu : I 001
Lien web :
Résumé : In quantum field theories, sewing (and its reciprocal operation, factorization) axioms play a prominent role. For surfaces, factorization typically allows reducing the understanding of the theory on a surface of genus g with n boundaries/marked points, to simpler surfaces like disks, cylinders, pairs of pants. The complexity of surfaces is measured by the Euler characteristic (up to a sign) 2g - 2 + n. By "topological recursion", we mean an induction on 2g - 2 + n. I will describe 3 axiomatic structures where such factorization property are included in some sense, and what they have to do with one another, each time going one step up in geometry (but one step down in generality).